Volunteer or Visit

Volunteers are often an important part of bird banding projects, and can offer assistance by helping with station set-up and take-down, recording data, taking photos, and opening and closing nets. Since this is a small-scale banding station, only a few volunteers are needed, but please contact us if you are interested, and there may be an opportunity for you to help out (and hold and release a few birds, while you’re at it!).

Since some banding activities require training, volunteers may simply observe on their first day. When opportunities allow, they will be shown how to identify species and determine their age and gender, as well as how to take morphological measurements.

Visitors are also always welcome on banding days, and the likelihood of having an opportunity to see birds in the hand is high! But please be aware that birds must be processed quickly, especially on hot days and while birds are incubating or feeding young in the nest. For that reason, it may not always be possible to view birds up close for long. Remember, the safety and health of every bird is the most important thing!

To volunteer or visit WVWA’s MAPS station, please make arrangements ahead of time by contacting Margaret Rohde at 215-646-8866, or margaret@wvwa.org.


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